Airdance Groupcurrently serves customers in 78 countries.

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  • We are the operator of Kanga Exchange
  • The largest international network over 350 exchange offices
  • The lowest commission on the market
  • No limits, possibility to buy/sell without registration
  • Super fast and easy exchange proces
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At AirDance Exchange you have 2 possibilities:

Stationary exchange

  • 1
    Make an appointment at the exchange office and agree on the terms of the exchange (contact via Telegram)
  • 2
    Download the Kanga Wallet app from the AppStore or Google Play and create an account
    or create an account at
  • 3
    In the KANTOR tab in the app click GENERATE CODE
  • 4
    Give the code to the employee and confirm the transaction on the phone screen
  • 5
    Pay or receive cash

Exchange without registration

  • 1
    On the website select the cryptocurrency you want to sell and click GENERATE ADDRESS
  • 2
    Send the cryptocurrency you want to sell to the address created in the blockchain.
  • 3
    Download the generated voucher. Attention! Remember ID and PIN of the voucher.
  • 4
    You can redeem thus created voucher at our exchange offices.

Liquidity Pool

Air Dance Exchange PoS offers the opportunity to participate in

AirDance Exchange trading.
Available slots for allocation

Each person on the oPLN steaking earns up to 40% APY . on our pool of liquidity, which allows us to run dynamically our physical exchange points worldwide.

Each cryptocurrency exchange transaction generates 1% profit, which is passed on to PoS users.

Stake an oPLN token at POS Airdance Exchange on the Kanga Exchange platform and become a part of the AirDance Group.

Filled slots

APY[for liquidity providers]

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